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Michael is back on his feet

15 May 2018

Michael is back on his feet

One of the government's agenda items is to double the access that people who are long term unemployed have to indevidual placement services (IPS) and support. IPS is a method used in supported employment and is evidence based with a rapid job search approach. High quality research has shown it to be more effective than other types of traditional employment support, especially if it is delivered to the highest standard – the standard known as ‘High Fidelity’, Prospects delivers IPS in Dorset.

One person who Prospects has supported through the IPS programme is Michael, who has been unemployed for the last three years. Michael lost his vision from retinopathy, this led to him being unable to work, resulting in him becoming anxious and depressed. 

Michael was referred to the Work Programme by the Job CentrePlus in 2016 and then later supported by IPS. Michael has 35 years experience working in all departments of hotels and has been his main area of focus.

With the help of his adviser, Paul, Michael was able to build his confidence and broaden his search to look at other industries that would play to his strengths. Paul encouraged Michael to try voluntary work as it would help him get back into the work place environment, develop his skills and also boost his confidence. 

Thanks to the support Prospects and Paul have provided Michael he has a much clearer idea of where he’s heading and has started paid work at local café.

Michael said: “Being at Prospects has given me tremendous support and lots of confidence, Paul always believed in me despite my issues preventing me from going back to work.”​

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