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Jacqueline returns to work

24 July 2018

Jacqueline returns to work

Prospects is the prime contractor for the National Careers Service in three areas: London, the South West and the West Midlands. They also provide the service in South Yorkshire, as part of the Careers Yorkshire and the Humber Consortium.

55 year old Jacqueline from South London met with the National Careers Service after being made redundant and interested in a career change.

Being over 50 and redundant, Jacqueline felt unsure of what to do next, resulting in her losing some of her confidence. Jacqueline’s main aim was to find a career within the NHS where she could progress.

Jacqueline met with an adviser who assessed her needs and helped her to complete an Action Plan and a Skills Health Check.

She was also introduced to the National Careers Service website and with the help of her adviser she updated her CV. To help boost her confidence, her adviser conducted mock interviews with Jacqueline to prepare her for upcoming opportunities.

Following her session with the adviser, Jacqueline was offered an interview for the role of Library and Training Administrator with the NHS and thanks to her mock interview practise, she was offered the job.

Jacqueline says: “The support and advice I got from my adviser has really made a difference to my life, I had lost some of my confidence being over 50 and the adviser helped me to see my potential. The mock interview was the best thing about the session – definitely made a huge difference!”

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