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Inspiring the next generation

16 May 2016

Inspiring the next generation

Discover future talent and skills at Skills Northern Ireland
This year a brand new event, Skills Northern Ireland is taking place.  Aimed at giving young people in their final years of education a real life taste of the working world, the event takes place on 8 and 9 November at the Titanic Exhibition Centre. In the first month of booking more than 2,500 students from schools and colleges across the region confirmed their attendance.

Skills Northern IrelandTotally hands-on, Skills Northern Ireland will bring together top employers, colleges, training companies and expert advisers eager to support young people into the jobs of the future. Over 80 organisations are getting involved and more than 5,000 young people are expected to attend.

Skills Northern Ireland is the latest venture for Prospects Events, the highly regarded events division of Prospects, the employment, education, skills and care services and products company. Prospects Events is the organiser behind the majority of the UK’s biggest skills and careers events for young people and has produced annual events for more than ten years.

Prospects, as the largest employer of careers advisers in the UK, understands how dynamic careers education, information, advice and guidance can make the difference to young people.  Nina Hurst-Jones, Prospects Event Director commented: “Bringing careers to life offers young visitors the opportunity to see, hear, feel, speak and understand more about the careers they have heard about on the internet or from family and friends.  Visiting the event complements existing work in schools and colleges providing teachers with an amazing additional resource and allows parents and families to support their young people to make the right decisions.”

Nina added: “Skills Northern Ireland is a one-stop-shop, it will include a dedicated teacher area, Get Skilled activities to highlight specific industry sectors and a Skills Showcase gallery of work produced by young people in the region. Parents and families can attend the dedicated open evening and try bite-sized career tasters and speak to experts offering impartial information about the host of careers and routes to success that their child can follow.”

The chance to book stand space at Skills Northern Ireland is being made available to local and national employers, colleges, universities, training providers, Sector Skills Councils and career organisations. This high-profile event will benefit forward thinking organisations who are seeking to inform, inspire, train and recruit the next generation of engineers, chefs, scientists, teachers, accountants, builders, beauticians, game designers, pilots, computer programmers, movie makers, nurses and many, many more.

Andrew Coates, Sales and Marketing Director at Prospects, the employment, education and training company, confirmed why being involved is beneficial for organisations wanting to influence and inform young people’s career choices: “Skills Northern Ireland will bring the world of work to life for young people in way that a lesson in a classroom, video or website simply can’t achieve.  Being live and interactive encourages visitors to get involved and find out about new careers, industries or training that may be new to them, or indeed roles so new that their teachers and parents are unaware of their existence. It bridges the gap between the classroom and the workplace, providing labour market information in an engaging and relevant way helping overcome skills gaps.”

To ensure the event is relevant for young people across the region Prospects is working with representatives from AOC Northern Ireland (Association of Colleges), Northern Ireland Electricity, Department for Employment, Learning, Department of Education, Belfast City Council, CCEA and ASCL as well as other institutions. To find out more visit



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