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How do I find out what career makes me happy? - #lovework

10 February 2017

How do I find out what career makes me happy? - #lovework

How do I find out what career makes me happy? #lovework

As Valentine’s day approaches, Prospects is sharing articles on how to #lovework. Find out why it’s important to enjoy your job, how to find a job you enjoy and how to stay in love with your job. Follow @ProspectsGroup on Twitter -  #lovework and share your thoughts on making work enjoyable.

National Careers Service

Today Shanthi Ananth, National Careers Service Adviser in London where Prospects delivers the service, shares her experiences and tips on how to find out what careers might suit you best.

When I had to make a choice of what career I wanted to pursue when I graduated, I was confused and scared that I would make all the wrong choices. I wished for a magical wand which would make the decision for me. People told me different things: “follow your passion” or “do what do you like doing the most” or even “choose something which is steady and have something else as a hobby.” I got more confused.

How can we know what profession will make us happy? Something we might enjoy doing now we might end up hating it once we have actually done it for a while. If only we could be investment bankers for some time, then switch to teaching, follow it up being an artist and then perhaps take a sabbatical to go into something totally new. Again where is that magical wand?

When you reach this point it is the right time to start thinking about a career which fits your skills, your interests, your motivation and your values. Hopefully you are aware of what these are and this is a good place to get started. And don’t get too worried about how you are going to get started, there are number of tools and resources available to help you get to a point where you are less confused and clearer about where you are going.

The Skills Health Check tool available on the National Careers Service website – is one such tool that is designed to help you identify what kind of career might suit you. It also guides you through your skills so you know what your strong skills are and what you could brush up on.

There are similar tools available on other sites to including and

Using these tools can help you make choices about what you could be doing, they also help you see what you don’t want to do! So, don’t despair, we have all been there, not sure what we want to do, but narrowing down the choices is one way to move forward and hopefully make the right choice. #lovework

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