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Dianne gets digital

29 August 2018

Dianne gets digital

Prospects is the prime contractor for the National Careers Service in three areas: London, the South West and the West Midlands. They also provide the service in South Yorkshire, as part of the Careers Yorkshire and the Humber Consortium.

64 year old Diane from Coventry got in touch with the West Midlands National Careers Service after she heard about it from a friend. Diane wanted to improve her personal skills and find a suitable computer course to develop her digital skills, enabling her to find different job roles to her current position as a cleaner at a local school.

Diane had been working at the school part time for four years. She wanted to remain at the school, but also enjoys learning new skills, and felt that a different role like a receptionist or support worker would be a good option. Diane believed improving her computer skills would give her skills to progress further.

Diane had regular contact with her adviser, Kashmira, who explained the service in detail, listened to Diane’s needs and requirements, and advised her to complete an action plan and a skills health check on the National Careers Service website. Kashmira supported Diane to use the website to search for training courses and job profiles highlighting some of the key responsibilities for different roles. Diane was able to see what skills she needed to become a receptionist.

Diane says: “I have a clearer idea of what I’m doing and what my long term plans are to progress in my career.”

As a result of the National Careers Service support, Diane has now started a basic computer skills course and has made friends with people at the community centre who are in similar situations. 

Diane feels that if she hadn’t attend a session with the National Careers Service she would be struggling with the computer and relying on friends and family to help her. She says: “This has given me the confidence and skills I needed to learn new things and develop my digital skills. I will be able to order my prescriptions online, apply for jobs, book holidays and order shopping."

Diane continues: “The meetings with my adviser have made me realise my own ability and potential, something never thought I had when it came to computers.”

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