Alison Williams, Director of Youth Support at Prospects

Alison Williams

Director of Young People and Families

Alison Williams has 25 years' experience of providing services to young people in formal and informal educational settings and has contributed to a number of strategic partnerships at sub-regional level to develop services for young people and adults.

Alison oversees all Prospects work with young people and our work with families. Alison is based in Gloucestershire where she leads Prospects largest contract for young people; Gloucestershire Youth Support Service including Looked After Children’s Services, Youth Offending Services, Early Help and Integrated Health Services on behalf of Gloucestershire County Council. 

Alison has led Prospects' Children’s Services division through major changes in government policy, has redesigned and restructured failing services to achieve results and profitability. She has managed a number of the company’s corporate services including ICT, HR, quality, equalities and corporate social responsibility.

She has experience of managing a charity and working with voluntary and community sector organisations to build capacity and develop services.