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The Work Programme helps Zara* get her first paid role

The Work Programme helps Zara* get her first paid role

25 September 2015|Number of views (965)
Zara left school in 2009 with few chances of getting a job, she was nervous and suffered from severe panic attacks.  She had tried doing voluntary work in charity shops and found she enjoyed retail work. 

Mental health help on Ascent programme gets Sean* a job in horticulture

09 July 2015|Number of views (1354)
Sean's* anxiety and depression were a major barrier to him returning to work . He even found it difficult to leave the house and socialise.

Work Programme helps Arran* gain an apprenticeship

* Name has been changed.

16 June 2015|Number of views (1266)
Aged only 24, Arran had been out of work for longer than he could remember. 

Justin - Prospects buys a bike to get him to work

10 December 2014|Number of views (2083)

Justin had been unemployed for two years when he was referred to the Work Programme. After two years of unsuccessfully applying for jobs his confidence and self-esteem had been knocked. Justin also needed support to improve his employability skills.