Our Impact

Sasha's confidence is rejuvenated by Prospects

“I feel more confident in myself and know that I can do any job I want, putting my mind to it”

12 July 2016|Number of views (651)

Sasha has worked in the catering industry as a waitress, supervisor, pub manager and head housekeeper for more than 20 years.

Gemma is driving her career forward

10 June 2016|Number of views (684)

“The Work Programme has been brilliant, it has pushed me in the direction that I needed to go.”

Penelope volunteers with children

Penelope volunteers with children

12 January 2015|Number of views (2188)

When Penelope* was made redundant, after nearly 20 years working with children, she found it difficult to find a new role.

Amanda, childminder goes from satisfactory to outstanding

17 December 2014|Number of views (2571)

Since I began childminding nearly 10 years ago, there have been a lot of changes;

Justin - Prospects buys a bike to get him to work

10 December 2014|Number of views (1767)

Justin had been unemployed for two years when he was referred to the Work Programme. After two years of unsuccessfully applying for jobs his confidence and self-esteem had been knocked. Justin also needed support to improve his employability skills.