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Victoria hopes her work experience will become paid work

“I now have purpose and I have self-confidence.”

30 November 2016

Before Prospects

Victoria had some personal problems causing a lot of negative changes in her life. Deciding to make a fresh start she moved to Birmingham. She feels better now for getting attention now from both her family and Prospects at YEI South Birmingham.

What Prospects did

One of Victoria’s barriers to work she discussed with Priya, her adviser, was her insomnia. This is a major factor in her life, keeping her awake and affecting her during the day.


To help her overcome this barrier Priya looked at flexible and shift work experience, suggesting Victoria complete work experience at Longbridge Poundland between 3pm - 9pm daily. After a couple of weeks Victoria says it is like: “a weight has been lifted'' and she feels encouraged to do well.


Victoria is currently on week two of her placement and is hopeful of turning this in to paid employment. Victoria has stated her life has changed significantly: “I now have purpose and I have self-confidence.”


Victoria is at the start of her journey in the working world. To help support her further she has been accessing support from Healthy Minds.  Finding a flexible employer has helped Victoria, who now feels ready for the working world.


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