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Penelope volunteers with children

12 January 2015

National Careers Service

When Penelope* was made redundant, after nearly 20 years working with children, she found it difficult to find a new role. She became frustrated and was worried about the future. She felt as if she was going round in circles and without an up to date CV was struggling to find a new job.

Penelope met with a National Careers Service Adviser who helped her update her CV and explained how she could highlight her skills, experience and passion for working with children on a piece of paper. Her adviser also helped her to understand and use new job search techniques. Together they created an Action Plan, which Penelope has since completed.

Through all this, Penelope continued to volunteer in a role working with children, the field she wants to work in to keep her skills up to date, keep in the routine of going to work and continue to a role which she enjoys.

To update her skills further, Penelope decided to enrol on an IT course. Her Adviser helped her find a funded, flexible course so that Penelope can continue her job search alongside the course and her volunteering. Her ambition is to find a paid role working with children again.

*name has been changed.

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