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The Prospects Group provides tailored education, employment, training and care products and services for people at all stages of life. Each year Prospects inspires more than 500,000 people to develop their potential and transform their lives. More than 1,400 professional and skilled colleagues provide practical support to the local communities they are based across the UK and internationally. Prospects is one of the largest employee owned companies in the UK. It is also a Leader in Diversity and ranked in the top 100 index by the National Centre for Diversity.

Our services include:

  • For those in the earliest stages of education we provide support for local authorities across the South of England
  • Prospects engages with more than 7,000 education establishments across the country providing consultancy, improvement services, awards, resources and outdoor education
  • For young people, Prospects works on behalf of local authorities providing targeted support helping young people who are not in education, employment or training, vulnerable and/or have learning difficulties and disabilities, care leavers and looked after children.
  • For adults, we provide the National Careers Service, offering advice on learning and work as prime provider in London, South West and West Midlands. In addition Prospects is a partner in Careers Yorkshire and the Humber. Prospects is also a prime contractor for the Work Programme which helps longer-term unemployed people back to work, in the South West and leading subcontractor in London and Bristol
  • Innovative approaches to rehabilitation of adults and young offenders in the community, and in custody, through the National Careers Service, in all prisons in London, South West, West Midlands and Yorkshire and the Humber. Prospects provides the education for young people in Feltham Young Offenders Institution
  • Entrepreneurship for young people in Wales
  • Events including regional careers and skills events across the UK such as Skills London, City Walks and award ceremonies
  • Mutuals development services for public bodies.

The Prospects Group includes Gabbitas Education, Optimus Education, homes2inspire and CfAppointments. Prospects is also the partner in 3BM, an employee-owned mutual providing support services to the education sector.
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