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Gemma is supported by National Careers Service

“I needed to overcome my carriers and fears having left schools without taking qualifications.”

13 June 2018

Gemma is supported by National Careers Service

Before Prospects

Gemma left school at 16 without taking her GCSEs. She was a young parent and felt her dyslexia held her back leaving her with low self-confidence.

What Prospects did

Gemma first contacted support services through her local college in 2009 and kept in touch with them on and off. After a second child Gemma approached National Careers Service through the college for support.

Gemma and her adviser produced an Action Plan and looked at job profiles, which could fit with her caring responsibilities.  

Gemma found a role as a temporary midday supervisor and completed level 1 English and CLAIT. She then found a voluntary placement in a nursery school and completed level 2 CACHE and has enrolled on a paediatric first aid course.


Gemma is now planning her future and is hoping to: “overcome her demons with English GCSE” having previously believed: “I wasn’t capable of much at all.”

She now says: “I have a clearer idea of what to do next. I think I would still be at home as a full time mum, not that I think there is anything wrong with that, but I needed to overcome my barriers and fears having left school without taking qualifications. It has definitely improved my confidence.”

Gemma is hoping to return to work and feels she has improved her confidence and skills. She would recommend using National Careers Service and was glad she could access the drop in service at college and see familiar faces as that made it: “so much easier.”


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