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Work Programme helps Arran* gain an apprenticeship

* Name has been changed.

16 June 2015

Before Prospects

Aged only 24, Arran had been out of work for longer than he could remember.

He left school with poor GCSEs and went on to study animal care at college.

Arran worked in kitchens and on a caravan site but had not secured permanent long term employment.

Arran felt he was just wasting his time and his life.

What Prospects did

Arran joined the Work Programme, provided by Prospects as a prime contractor in the South West. Prospects has developed the Ascent Programme to help customers take steps into education, training or employment through a series of interventions, which address their personal and professional barriers.

The programme gave Arran opportunities, and a dedicated adviser, Stephen, offering a caring approach, which Arran felt was missing with other places.

The one-to-one support helped Arran follow the advice he was given to keep positive and believe in himself. Together Arran and Stephen set goals and identified steps to achieve these goals. Arran’s attendance was intermittent but Stephen continued to support him, ensuring Arran felt he could return and would not be given up on.

Arran continued to take and follow Stephen’s advice and applied for an apprenticeship in the construction sector.

Outcomes and results

Arran is now working as an apprentice for a construction company. His confidence has improved and he is planning on working his way up with the end goal of perhaps owning his construction business one day!

Arran feels the difference the Work Programme made was it gave him the opportunity to get an apprenticeship, and the confidence to do it. He has made new friends and believes “It really sorted my whole life out!”.

Arran hopes to be fully employed once he finishes his apprenticeship and has already earned a pay rise!

Arran comments “When I first started the Work Programme I was very apprehensive. I didn’t show up and wasn’t interested. But when my adviser spoke to me I could tell that they all care and I could trust them and tell them anything. They helped me to realise I could be someone.

“They’re sound people and I love my job!”

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