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Tony goes back into work within three months on the Work Programme

10 June 2016

“I found it exceptionally good, very friendly and the advisers helped me achieve my goal of finding full time work.”

Before Prospects

Tony had been unemployed for about a year before being referred to the Work Programme. In his early fifties Tony had spent his working life as a chef.

What Prospects did

Tony joined Work Programme in March 2016. He got along easily with the team who helped him improve his IT skills, showed him the best job search websites and ‘rebooted’ his CV and covering letter. Having worked in kitchens all his life Tony had little need for computers, so had no experience of online job hunting.

Tony found the advisers helpful and friendly. He followed their advice, which helped in him improve his employability skills.

Outcomes and results

Within three months Tony had re-entered the job market and is currently working as a chef. Tony says: “I found full time, permanent work. I am very happy about it.” 

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