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Thom is now volunteering and looking for work

“Before being referred to Prospects, I had very little sense of direction regarding work. I am now pursuing volunteer work and/or part-time paid work, which I would definitely not be doing if I had not received the help and guidance that I have from Prospects.”

05 September 2016

Before Prospects

Thom joined Prospects after claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) for a number of years. He had very little sense of direction regarding work in any capacity, which caused a lot of stress and anxiety.

What Prospects did

Thom met Prospects personal adviser, Carla. She has supported Thom to and he now feels he has a greater sense of direction. 

Carla and Thom spent time talking through work-related issues and challenges, such as interviews, finance, CVs, training. Thom found this very beneficial as it helped him make progress towards finding work, boosting his confidence, and helping to manage the stress and anxiety he felt in relation to those subjects.

Outcomes and results

Prospects helped Thom to pursue volunteering opportunities, including supporting the Aspires group in St. Austell, which Thom has been attending for over a year. Thom has also helped to deliver a course of Stepping Stones sessions, targeted group support for ESA customers, at Prospects. Supporting fellow ESA customers has helped Thom’s confidence.

Thom now plans to continue volunteering with Aspires indefinitely, and is pursuing other volunteer work and/or part-time paid work. Thom feels he would definitely not be doing volunteer work or searching for paid work had he not received help and guidance from Prospects.

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