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The Work Programme helps Zara* get her first paid role

25 September 2015

The Work Programme helps Zara* get her first paid role

Zara left school in 2009 with few chances of getting a job, she was nervous and suffered from severe panic attacks. She had tried doing voluntary work in charity shops and found she enjoyed retail work.

Zara, who lives at home with her mum, dad, sister and her sister’s children, worked with Roseanne, her Work Programme adviser, to overcome the barriers she faced to employment. Together and during small group work Roseanne helped Zara gain confidence and break her cycle of negative thinking. To help Zara improve her employability Prospects employed her on their reception desk meeting customers and staff. As Zara’s confidence improved her panic attacks lessened and she helped organise a community charity event for MacMillan Cancer Research, selling cakes to raise money, thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Zara worked with Roseanne and who was fantastically supportive, before Jules took over as her adviser. Jules continued to challenge Zara supporting her to apply for jobs. Jules ensured Zara felt the right amount of pressure and support, and with each job application Zara felt more confident.

Jules put Zara forward for a role at 99p Stores, and worked with her to help her interview skills. Zara was very nervous about the interview but performed well and was offered the job. Zara is now working at 99p Stores and is loving her new role as a sales assistant.

Working with the Work Programme has changed her life completely, she is confident and is no longer experiencing panic attacks. Zara is happy and feels life is very good.

Zara has aims to manage her own shop and is working hard towards her goals.

Zara commented: “Roseanne helped me to believe in myself which changed me completely, I no longer felt a victim. Thank you to all the staff at Work Programme.”

*Not her real name

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