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Steven* sees it is better to be in work

“I feel that I am more assertive and willing to engage with others”

14 July 2016

Before Prospects

Steven has been in education recently undertaking SIA training and personal skills development through the BCHA and NVQ level 2 in spectator safety and crowd control.

What Prospects did

Steven joined the Work Programme and met a personal adviser, who showed him the opportunities and provided him with support and guidance moving from benefits to a place of employment. Working together Steven’s adviser supported him with decision making and encouragement, understanding the advice needed to take his personal and health needs into account.

His adviser provided him with advice and guidance and ensured he was comfortable within the office setting.  Steven’s adviser then outlined options and next steps and allowed him time to think about the implementation of these which allowed him to move forwards and into employment.

Outcomes and results

As a result of working with Prospects, Steven’s adviser has aided clarity and provided direction where now he feels he can make decisions with a positive outcome. Steven believes this is beneficial to him as it enables him to cope with his stress and anxiety levels. He also feels that he is more assertive, willing to engage with others and being less judgmental of others, whilst making more structured judgments. 

Steven has obtained a new job role by co-operating with the Work Programme, but feels the main things he has gained from the Work Programme are; self-management, taking on responsibilities, assertiveness within situations, financial management, willingness to accept challenges and difficulties, alleviation of pressure, and management of stressors on a daily basis which enables him to worry less. 


*Not real name


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