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Sisters see "the door of opportunity and walk through"

“Without Julia we wouldn't have even joined The Prince’s Trust course, which means we wouldn't be employed now, just goes to show the help and support you get can lead to success.”

13 September 2016

Sisters see "the door of opportunity and walk through"

Before Prospects

Before sisters Keesha and Roisin joined Prospects their motivation was too low to try new things. There was no one in their lives pushing them or believing in their abilities. Without support both girls lacked self belief and they felt as though no-one cared if they were working or not. After trying unsuccessfully to apply for work on their own they eventually gave up.

What Prospects did

When Keesha and Roisin joined Prospects, they were unsure about trusting anyone to help them. Together they were given a personal adviser, Julia, who welcomed them. Julia explained all about Prospects and what we do for younger people. Most importantly she made the sisters understand she was there to help. 

Both girls immediately warmed to Julia. Keesha commented: “Julia was a massive help right away, she wasn't pushy or patronising. It really felt like she wanted to help.”

Julia worked with Keesha and Roisin and after a few sessions suggested the girls consider The Prince’s Trust four-week retail course at Marks & Spencer. Julia made it clear that attending wasn’t compulsory, but she felt both girls were capable and would benefit from the course gaining valuable work experience. Roisin said: “Julia didn't make us feel like we had to, she just made us believe we could do it and to believe in ourselves – we got a place!”

Outcomes and results

Both Keesha and Roisin completed the four-week course, but because of low self esteem Roisin admitted when she got the phone call and was told she had got onto the course she was annoyed and slightly nervous at first. But a short email to Julia left her in no doubt that it was a great opportunity.

Roisin now says: “Got the job! All thanks to Julia’s support. We didn't think we could do it but with the right help and some self motivation we finally faced our fears.”

Roisin continues “Over the four weeks I met some amazing people, learnt so many new skills and have now been accepted for a job! Without Julia we wouldn't have even joined The Prince’s Trust course, which means we wouldn't be employed now, just goes to show the help and support you get can lead to success.”

Julia was delighted to hear about Roisin and Keesha’s success. She explains how she felt: “Last week I met Roisin and Keesha outside the Prospects shop in Northampton. It was like hitting a carnival, as soon as they saw me they started bouncing about and calling out: 'Thank you, thank you, thank you! We did it, we got a job! It's all because of you!' I felt emotional and flattered."

The sisters have both been offered a three-month part time contract, at the end of which, if all goes well, they will have the opportunity of a full time position. 

Julia concludes: “The girls kept saying I was wonderful, but I know I am no more wonderful than any other Prospects adviser. I was just doing my job. 

“I knew that the girls had both had a difficult history and, like many of the young people that we meet, they needed help and support, individually tailored to them, to move on and succeed. We had quickly built up a good rapport and I was very aware that Roisin and Keesha had great potential but just needed the opportunity to shine. 

“All I did was to show them the door of opportunity and they turned the handle to open it and walked through. I wish it was always that easy! So I would like to say to Keesha and Roisin “good luck for the future and The pleasure was all mine!”

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