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Sasha's confidence is rejuvenated by Prospects

“I feel more confident in myself and know that I can do any job I want, putting my mind to it”

12 July 2016

Before Prospects

Sasha has worked in the catering industry as a waitress, supervisor, pub manager and head housekeeper for more than 20 years. She has also worked as an administrator and a secretary to head of accounts for about seven years. Her last position was a store manager in the financial retail industry. Sasha was made redundant in March 2015 and has since then had been looking for customer service positions in retail and administration, as well as manager/assistant manager positions. She has also applied for warehouse and factory positons.

What Prospects did

Sasha was first referred to the Work Programme in April 2016. She has only met with her adviser, Lisa, twice but even after the first meeting Sarah revealed that she felt a lot more confident, which helped her with her recent interview. Lisa recommended that Sasha refresh her CV, which again gave Sasha a confidence boost about herself and her abilities.

Outcomes and results

After working with Prospects, Sasha says she feels more confident in herself and now feels that she can do any job she wants. As a result of working with Prospects, Sasha had earned an interview at Apollo Bingo and is waiting to see if she was successful or not. Sasha’s ultimate aim is to find a job then increase her hours to earn enough to support herself.

*Not real name

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