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Sarah* overcomes her reluctance and gains part time work

12 April 2016

Before Prospects

Sarah* joined the Work Programme after she was referred following an ESA medical. Sarah, whose son is now travelling overseas, is divorced and has been a carer for a number of years.

She studied part-time, gaining post-graduate qualifications and volunteered, however, it has been a number of years since Sarah did paid work.

Previously Sarah did a number of jobs including managerial, training and secretarial/PA roles.

What Prospects did

Prospects made sure Sarah had a personal adviser who could support in her journey back into work. Trish worked closely with Sarah guiding her systematically, showing patience, firmness but fairness to help Sarah achieve her goals. 

Sarah found the advice valuable and always at a level where she was comfortable, but challenged.  This one to one support helped Sarah overcome her resistance, reluctance and her fear of the unknown.

Together they worked on confidence, goal setting and employability. This constructive approach helped Sarah, who following her ESA reassessment felt confused and at times was unwilling to follow Work Programme formalities, which can lead to benefits sanctions.

Trish supported Sarah, understanding that the process can be overwhelming when you do not feel ready to work, but that steady progress is essential.  To help her gain up to date work skills Sarah worked as a receptionist at Prospects.

Outcomes and results

Sarah has been offered a part time permanent job.  She feels she has a clearer idea of where she is going and is finally confident that she will continue to progress and be successful.

Sarah feels the Work Programme has made a significant difference to her life, giving her valuable guidance and support.

Sarah feels the Work Programme is a: “systematic procedure that encourages people’s strengths and abilities in a supportive environment. It is conducted in a very humane yet structured style.”

Sarah added: “all staff members have been friendly, approachable, respectful and considerate. They have given me the opportunity to progress and flourish.”


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