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Robert is looking forward to a bright future

“Prospects helped me a lot towards a clear and bright future. It’s been a great experience, and a lot of what I have done, I never thought I had in me!”

05 September 2016

Before Prospects

Robert has been out of the workplace since 1997 following an industrial accident. He had previously worked as a farm labourer, grass cutter and for North Cornwall Council as a refuse collector.  Robert was keen to get back to work, preferably driving or outdoors.

What Prospects did

Robert was unsure what the future held for him. Prospects supported him through one to one meetings and group sessions. He previously felt that there was no chance of work again at his age, 61, but because of Prospects he is confident he will start work soon.

Prospects also helped Robert assess his maths and English skills and recommended he start adult education. Robert started in September and has attended sessions, commenting “I’m always so busy now, instead of just sitting inside of four walls.”

Outcomes and results

In four months Work Programme helped Robert take significant steps towards gaining employment. He is now more confident and looking forward to a bright future. He is confident he will gain work at Domino’s driving and also local taxi company, Parnell’s.  

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