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Peter completes exams in prison

“I have confidence in knowing I have a much better chance of securing employment and provide for my family.”

31 January 2018

Before Prospects

Peter* was convicted while he was retraining to be an electrician. Halfway through his training, Peter was concerned his qualifications would become invalid if he did not complete the course. 

What Prospects did

Peter met his adviser, Dee, at induction in Dartmoor. He explained his situation and Dee liaised with the education team and the Governor to enable Peter to continue his studies in his cell. The biggest hurdle was gaining permission to bring the required books into the prison. 

To ensure Peter could take the exams Dee worked with City & Guilds and Weston College, who were no longer an examination centre for the course, to get Dartmoor accredited to allow students to take the electrical exams. Peter was then able to take and pass the exams during his time at Dartmoor. Dee’s intervention meant Peter could complete his course during his sentence, and not have to start over again, a costly option in terms of time, energy and finance. 

Outcomes and results

Peter is now confident he can continue his preferred career path as an electrician. He aims to set up his own electrical installation business, offering a better chance of securing employment and provide for his family. 


* Name changed to protect privacy.

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