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Peter* ASCENT poor job skills and depression - work programme saved my life

* Name has been changed.

24 September 2014

Peter* is a 42 year old man with previous experience as a factory worker, labourer and working within various roles in the restaurant trade.

Peter had been out of work for five years due to depression, anxiety and a medical problem with his back which prevented him from working.

Peter was not sure what to expect when he joined the Work Programme. However he found his adviser to be insightful in many ways; “She was very compassionate regarding my prolapsed disc and suicidal thoughts. She encouraged me to see a specialist and to sort it out, because of this I managed to get on the list for back surgery.”

His adviser assessed him and referred him to the ASCENT programme and recommended he look for voluntary work.

The ASCENT programme, which was developed by Prospects, offers an innovative mix of holistic interventions which challenge behaviour and identify areas for action, steering individuals into work and providing continuous support once in a job.

Peter attended the ASCENT Programme and began voluntary work where he learnt new
skills. After following his adviser’s suggestions, Peter also had a clearer idea of the job he would like to do and how to apply for roles after his surgery. Peter said, “I started a course at Bournemouth Churches Housing Association — Mentoring and Social Care, that will help me find a job in the future. I would love to do this kind of work. I am sure that after the recovery period from my back surgery I will manage to find a job that I love to do.”

Peter even credits the Work Programme with saving his life, helping him through his downward spiral and improving his confidence, he explained; “a lot of times I was told by my advisor ‘never give up’ I needed this encouragement a great deal.”

*Name has been changed

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