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Offender Support - I’m an ex-offender, would you employ me?

26 June 2013

Although there will be less money around, law and order remains a key priority for the Government. The high profile Criminal Justice Management (CMJ) Conference set out the dilemmas facing policy makers and the needs of both victims of crime and offenders.

“I’m an ex-offender, would you employ me?” was the bold title of the seminar delivered at the conference by Prospects, in partnership with PLIAS Resettlement.

Two challenging workshops provided insight into the stereotyping often faced by men and women on the route to rehabilitation and the barriers they have to overcome.

Prospects careers and employment advisers spoke about the range of skills and employability training on offer in custody and the community and the impact this has on the economic and social wellbeing of offenders.

After serving a prison sentence Kim is now an adviser and was one of the people who ran a workshop at the CJM conference. She also works with ex-offenders trying to find work through the Jobcentre Plus. She says: “Ex-offenders often get a raw deal and they really want to sort their lives out and get on the straight and narrow, but it’s getting that initial chance before crime steps in again. The people I work with see that it is possible to gain a career and there is a life outside of crime.”

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