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Nikki* puts herself forward to achieve her goals

06 January 2016

Before Prospects

Nikki*, 22, had been unemployed for a number of months before joining the Work Programme in December 2014, delivered by Prospects, the employment, education and skills company. With Prospects help she gained an agency job but when that concluded Nikki came back to Prospects.

What Prospects did

Nikki was supported by Prospects adviser, Colin who worked with her one to one helping her to create a CV and encouraged her to take part in group activities to improve her employability.

With Colin’s support Nikki looked at her goals, and Nikki highlighted her interest in working in the care sector. Colin referred her to a Health and Social Care course. Nikki completed the course and supported by Prospects advisers wrote a speculative job application letter during a support session. Nikki sent the letter to eight local care homes enquiring about job vacancies.

During her session the following week her adviser encouraged Nikki to telephone the employers for feedback. Nervous about making calls Nikki was coached on telephone techniques. During one call Nikki was invited to attend an interview/informal chat with a care home.

The interview was successful and Nikki started a work trial which led to her being employed as a care assistant. Unfortunately she was laid off and returned to benefits.  With her self confidence low Colin supported Nikki and encouraged her to start applying for work again.  Within a few months Nikki was working with Mount Tryon Care Home.

Outcomes and results

Nikki is working late shifts at Mount Tryon and is really happy to be back in work again having lost her initial job. She is working in an environment that utilises her experience and she enjoys.

Nikki is: “Very pleased with the help received.”

* Not her real name.

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