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Nancy* wins a thrilling role at a theme park

“The Work Programme and my Adviser has given me my confidence back”

11 July 2016

“The Work Programme and my Adviser has given me my confidence back”

Before Prospects

Nancy left school in 2003 with 6 GCSEs grade C and above. She got a job working for a family run printing business in home town, and worked there until she relocated to Cornwall in 2005. After moving to Cornwall she had a variety of short term roles.

What Prospects did

Nancy was referred to the Work Programme in 2015. When Nancy joined the Work Programme she was struggling with depression, anxiety and a lack of confidence. Nancy was also being held back by her outdated CV and she had no idea how to write a covering letter. Nancy’s adviser, Lisa, sat with her for as long as it took and together they wrote a new CV. Nancy was also taught how to construct covering letters effectively. She was also encouraged through intensive job search groups to send speculative letters with her CV to different employers. Nancy joined Stepping Stones, a group which helps those with depression, anxiety, lack of self-confidence and other mental health problems which prevent people from finding employment. She found this programme to be very useful.

Outcomes and results

Since Nancy joined the Work Programme her depression, anxiety and self-confidence have improved significantly. Nancy’s ultimate aim is to be employed in an animal care role but in the meantime she is now employed at a theme park, which she says will be a lot of fun.

Nancy said: “They have helped to boost my confidence and reduce my anxiety to the point that I have found work and am eager to get started with it. Since I’ve been offered employment, I have received other offers of work too, which further helps to boost my confidence and encouraged me to know I am actually wanted.”

*Not real name

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