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Monica would recommend Prospects after successful jobsearch

26 October 2015

Before Prospects

Monica joined the Work Programme delivered by Prospects at New Year, 2015. Having previously claimed JobSeekers Allowance Monica was working part time but needed additional hours.

Monica worked with children with special educational needs or disabilities as a transport chaperone travelling with them to and from school.  She required a role that would fit into her existing hours.

What Prospects did

When Monica first came to Prospects she lacked confidence and did not believe she had any employability skills. She worked with her adviser, Steve, who encouraged her and helped her build her confidence. Together they applied for jobs and ensured that Monica’s applications highlighted her transferrable skills.

Monica was successful and was called for interviews. Steve helped her with interview practice and Monica was offered two jobs, one working for McDonald’s Restaurants and the other for Tulip Ltd. Monica opted for the role at McDonald’s as she was keen to work with customers. Monica worked for McDonald’s for three months, before deciding to look for a different role closer to home. As with all Work Programme participants, Monica was able to return to Prospects and get additional support from Steve.

Monica was quickly recruited by Dominos in Bodmin and again enjoyed working with customers. Monica is keen to progress within the role, and has been highlighted as a potential team leader, where she will also assist with recruiting new staff.

Outcomes and results

Monica’s new role will ensure she will be dealing with people all of the time and this is all she ever wanted.

She said: “Steve taught me to go for it and realise how much I’m really worth.  I now see that I have lots of skills as well as speaking two languages, I have work experience with children with SEND. I was insecure, but Prospects helped. Steve was there to get me the perfect job, giving everything to find the right path, I really appreciate that.”

Monica would recommend Prospects to anyone wanting to change their lives, speaking about her experiences when she joined she said: “I would have laughed at the time if someone had said I would be doing what I’m doing now, I’d have said ‘there’s no way I’d be able to do something like that’ now I see myself going even further!”

Monica feels very strongly that Prospects has been behind her the whole way throughout her journey on the Work Programme, and has been keen to share her experience and feedback with other customers. 


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