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Mark's skill levels and confidence grows

07 July 2017

When Mark contacted an advisor, he was finishing a 9-month treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Due to his poor health, it meant he could not return to his previous job as a self-employed carpenter. Therefore, Mark needed the help of Prospects to gain the skills for another career path and find a new job.

Prospects provided Mark with information about courses available to him. This was a very uplifting experience for Mark and with the help from his advisor he had an assessment booked by the next week. Mark and his advisor also started an action plan in which they are yet to complete.

Since his first assessment he has completed level 1 ECDL basics exams and he is continuing to go onto the next levels. Mark has also been volunteering for the last 9 months and he has progressed well. Since then he has also completed some more courses in which have increased his employability.  This service was an amazing experience for Mark as it has now made him feel like a useful member of society and he has continued to have a friendship with his advisor.

Not only has this improved Mark’s skill levels but his confidence has grown and he now knows how to go about trying to achieve his goals. 

How Prospects helped:

Prospects provided mark with the information he needed and the courses available to him. This helped him to gain assessment bookings.

Marks view on his career was uplifted and he has formed a supportive friendship with his advisor Martine.

Mark went on to complete his level 1 ECDL basics course, AET level 3 and CET level 4. 

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