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Luke* finds two jobs are better than one

“It's an excellent service! I think that the people that don't use it, or can't use it, are really missing out.”

12 July 2016

Before Prospects

Luke was in full time education until the age of 18. Following this, Luke spent about 6 months looking for a job before he found part time work for about one month. Luke found himself in and out of work for the next nine months or so.

What Prospects did

Luke first contacted the Work Programme in September 2014. His adviser got him a job before they’d even met. However they sent time together preparing Luke for interview and his adviser gave Luke advice about his CV, which in turn helped Luke find a second job. 

Outcomes and results

By working with Prospects, Luke found himself in two jobs within the first two weeks of interaction with the Work Programme. As a result of being supported by Prospects, Luke has expressed the feeling that his confidence has drastically improved, which has led to him having a clearer vision of where he is heading. 

Luke’s ultimate aim is to own a gaming shop. He feels his ambition has been nourished by Prospects and the Work Programme. Luke has spoken about how he feels the Work Programme is less constraining than other similar programmes, and that Prospects is more considerate of aims for the future than temporary employment. 

*Not real name

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