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Lucy supports Rob to agree a back up plan

22 April 2016

Before Prospects

Rob* knows what he wants to do. He is going to be a professional footballer.

Rob was referred to Prospects as he is at risk of becoming not in employment, education or training having been excluded from school.

What Prospects did

Rob met Lucy, a Prospects adviser specialising in supporting young people. He was not sure why he was meeting Lucy, because he is confident he will achieve his dream to become a professional footballer or coach, and was initially resistant.  Lucy was pleased to hear about Rob’s plans, but aware that very few people become professional footballers she was keen to encourage him to consider a back up plan.

Rob had already done quite a lot of research and was keen to join a particular football club’s BTEC course, where he could gain coaching qualifications along with footballing skills. Unfortunately the club is approximately 50 miles away and this will put a considerable strain on his family if Rob is going to attend on a daily basis.

Lucy and Rob started to look at alternative courses, closer to home.  Although Rob had set his heart on this particular club, as he already plays there on a weekly basis, he agreed to look at the other options Lucy provided.

Lucy continued to gently probe Rob and discovered he was doing freelance work editing websites and coding. She encouraged Rob to look at short courses and part time courses in IT, games design and computing at the local college which could fit around his football plans. 

Aware that Rob’s plans could put a strain on family she encouraged Rob to bring his father along to the next session. Parents are a major influence on their children’s career and life choices.

Outcomes and results

Rob agreed that continuing to study an IT related course could offer him other options. He agreed to go to Open Day at the local college and do some further research. 

He will look into other options where he can complete a BTEC closer to home and speak to his family to find out the implications of going to Kettering.

Lucy agreed she would contact the football club to see if there were any funding or grant options that Rob could apply for to reduce the costs of attending.

* Not his real name

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