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Lewis* was expelled from school but has now found his vocation

16 February 2016

Before Prospects

Lewis* was removed from school because he was not attending regularly, and was causing problems in class when he did attend.  Lewis was placed with the local inclusion partnership who arranged a placement, offering gardening work, bricklaying (he showed some talent with brickwork) alongside maths and English GCSE study.

At home Lewis’s Dad suffers from some mental health issues, this has a huge impact on the family both emotionally and financially.

What Prospects did

Lucy, Lewis’s Prospects Adviser, worked with Lewis to formulate a plan to move forward. Lewis was determined to continue bricklaying as he was doing so well. Together Lucy and Lewis looked for apprenticeships where Lewis would be able to work for an employer or training provider and continue bricklaying and learning important skills, however, there was nothing available locally.

College was Lewis’s only option. He was happy with this and together they completed the application form.  As the college was an hour’s bus journey Lucy ensured that Lewis understood everything, and Lewis said he felt ok with the decision.

Unfortunately Lewis failed to enrol for college on three separate occasions.

Lucy contacted him and they met to talk about what was happening at home, how he was feeling about things and his future. Lucy encouraged Lewis and built up his confidence, before arranging to visit an alternative provider together.

The new provider was still a bus journey away, but was a less formal setting; a training provider rather than a college; and Lewis felt he fitted in better.

When they visited Lucy helped Lewis discuss his situation openly with the new provider, and it was made clear support would be available. 

Outcomes and results

Lewis has felt supported and happier, and has been attending the course regularly.  He is enjoying it and is on track to progress.

* Not his real name.

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