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Keron* chooses the outdoor life

16 February 2016

Before Prospects

Keron* completed his GCSEs and started working at a local Morrisons, this lasted for six months before he became unemployed.

What Prospects did

Keron was assigned a personal adviser, who looked after his needs. He told his Prospects Adviser, Kelly, that he had not enjoyed his experience at the Morrisons and did not want a job which involved lots of customer service. Keron was also completely against the idea of returning to college.

Together Kelly and Keron looked at other options including apprenticeships.  Keron decided he would like an apprenticeship.  Kelly met with Keron on several occasions over a few months and helped him search and apply for practical based apprenticeships. With Kelly’s support Keron created a CV and he used this to apply for the role of apprentice gardener.

Keron was invited to attend an interview. Kelly worked with him to improve his interview skills offering him some useful tips.

Outcomes and results

Keron successfully made it through the interview process.  He started the apprenticeship and is getting on really well.  


* Not his real name

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