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Keiran* is developing a new future with the National Careers Service

26 June 2015

Before Prospects

Keiran, 33, first heard about the National Career Service and how they could help him during his induction in prison.

What Prospects did

Keiran first contacted the National Career Service in October 2013, and met his adviser, Holly face to face.

He has since had four official appointments. Keiran likes the fact he can access the service for an unlimited amount of interviews, if required, and will be able to continue to use the service upon release.

During the sessions Keiran was supported enabling him to plan his time in custody. Holly also advised him about his options once he is released offering helpful information regarding future career plans.

Together Keiran and Holly completed a number of action plans and these have been useful as Keiran is able to demonstrate to his Probation Officer that he is considering his future employment goals.

Holly has also offered to support Keiran to update his CV, as he is not able to access the CV builder tool during his time in custody.

Keiran is currently studying a ‘Business & Accountancy’ Open University course. He also works in the prison as a ‘Peer Mentor’ within the educational department, specialising in ‘Book Keeping & Accounts’.

Outcomes and results

The information provided by Holly has helped motivate Keiran into becoming self employed within the property development industry in the future. Holly provided Keiran with business plan information and job specification details for this area of work.

Working with Holly has helped Keiran know what his next steps and break down his long term goals into achievable tasks making things clearer. Keiran has always known what he wanted to do for a career but found the support offered by The National Career Service encouraging and the motivator he required to push himself forwards.

Keiran said “I feel that my National Career Service adviser has encouraged me to reflect on the career path I was taking, assisting in clarifying what I need to do now and in the future to become a self employed property developer.”

He added “I would highly recommend the National Career Service to any other prisoners. I think it’s good to start planning a better future for yourself as soon as possible to give yourself some direction.

“Definitely don’t be afraid, the advisers are friendly and not judgemental of your past. They are always happy to help.”

* Not real name

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