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Justin - Prospects buys a bike to get him to work

10 December 2014

Justin had been unemployed for two years when he was referred to the Work Programme. After two years of unsuccessfully applying for jobs his confidence and self-esteem had been knocked. Justin also needed support to improve his employability skills. His adviser worked with him to improve his confidence and motivation. Through Prospects Justin undertook work related activities and interventions. His adviser helped him create an up to date CV then gave him support so he was confident in applying for positions and attending Interviews.

Once Justin felt that he was job ready, his adviser arranged for him to do a two week work trial with a local warehouse. The warehouse was within three miles of Justin’s home however it was not on a public transport route so Justin couldn’t get there. Justin discussed this with his adviser and suggested that he would cycle there if Prospects could fund a push bicycle for him. Prospects purchased a reconditioned, second hand bicycle. Justin completed his work trial and was offered a full time, permanent position. He is still in the job.

Justin says, “Prospects helped me in a lot of ways and I would definitely recommend them to anyone else who is unemployed. Prospects made me aware of my transferable skills and given me more confidence in interviews and also generally day to day. My ambition was to start full time work and sign off benefits; which I’ve achieved!”

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