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Jane gets a job with Subway

22 February 2016

Before Prospects

Jane was 19 when she was referred to the Work Programme in the summer of 2014 by the JobCentre.

Jane initially trained as a beauty therapist and wanted to work in the beauty industry, but she has limited experience and has found it difficult to gain work.  During the two and a half years she was unemployed Jane also worked in a school kitchen and has looked for work as a beauty therapist or in retail or catering.

What Prospects did

Jane joined the Prospects Work Programme in June 2014 and was supported by her adviser, Helen.

Jane lacked confidence and was supported on a one to one support basis and attended group training events. Jane told Helen that she would like to do confidence building training, Helen arranged a two part training course for Jane and other jobseekers.

With Prospects Jane attended skills training in application forms, job search skills, interview skills and letter writing.  When Jane found jobs she wanted to apply for she received support with completing application forms and preparing a professional CV.  She regularly attended job search sessions and a Thursday morning job club.

To gain additional skills Helen arranged for Jane to volunteer at Prospects as a receptionist welcoming others attending Work Programme, this gave her valuable work experience and improved her customer service skills. 

Jane applied for a job with Subway. Helen gave her lots of advice about interviews and the sort of questions to expect so we could prepare for these. Jane completed several mock interviews prior to real interviews and this helped to build her confidence.

Outcomes and results

Thanks to the mock interview practice Jane was able to answer the questions asked at her Subway interview achieved. Jane is now working at Subway as a sandwich artist and getting on really well. Her manager is very happy with her and her confidence has improved and Jane is really enjoying her job.

Jane says: “I now have job that I really enjoy and am supporting myself financially. Eventually I would like to go into beauty therapy and will continue to practice my skills.

“I am very grateful to Prospects for all their help, which has been invaluable to me. I would recommend Prospects to anyone who wants to get a job they will really enjoy.”

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