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David* gets a Gas Installer technician role

“I feel like my dreams have been met.”

13 July 2016

Before Prospects

David was unemployed and looking for employment. He was given advice by his adviser on various jobs and courses and his CV.

What Prospects did

David’s adviser told him about different jobs and what courses he would need to take to get a range of jobs. David is interested in becoming a gas installer and his adviser told him about courses and gave him information on how to register for a level 3 Gas Installer course.

David’s adviser did an action plan with him which covered what they had talked about during their meeting. He also showed him the National Careers Service website and what David can do on there to help his ambitions prosper.

Outcomes and results

As a result of working with Prospects, David has completed pre-employment training and has registered to start the level 3 Gas Installation course in September on a part-time basis. 

David has also had an interview as a trainee residential technician. His adviser helped him to prepare for the interview and coached him on how to make a good impression. David’s adviser arranged a test interview which allowed David to practice answering the most common questions. When David attended the interview he was offered the job and is due to start his training as a trainee residential technician earning £30,000.

*Not real name


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