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Daisy* has developed her IT skills and become competent in using social media as a marketing tool

09 July 2015

Before Prospects

Daisy* self-referred herself to Digital Marketing Mentor, part of Prospects MOTEV8 programme. She had previously applied to Leicester College for a retail apprenticeship but following a chance of heart decided not to take up the place.

Daisy was at risk of becoming NEET (not in employment, education or training) and lacked confidence in dealing with employers.

What Prospects did

We worked with Daisy to improve her confidence and help her train in an area that interests her and will lead to future employment.

Prospects initially supported Daisy through the eight week Digital Marketing Mentor course and introduced her to an employer who required help with a digital marketing campaign. Daisy's digital marketing and IT skills using social media benefited the campaign increasing her confidence, employability and competency skills.

We encouraged Daisy to participate in group activities and she made friends with other participants on the course, further improving her confidence and future network of skilled social media marketers.

After completing the MOTEV8 programme we encouraged Daisy to continue training and she joined the study programme at Twenty Twenty in Leicester. Here she was studying digital media, including photography and editing skills.

To improve her overall employability we helped Daisy to work on her Literacy and Numeracy required to move into an apprenticeship in Social Media/Media/Marketing.

Outcomes and results

Daisy attended two courses, one with the Digital Marketing Mentor as part of the MOTEV8 programme and the second with Twenty Twenty. She has enjoyed the project and had excellent attendance.

Daisy has developed her IT skills and become competent in using social media as a marketing tool. She is committed to continuing to improve her IT skills and creativity.

Support from Prospects has helped Daisy develop her confidence enabling her to meet with employers and come across in a professional manner.

Daisy is currently temping with an agency.

Daisy is continuing to apply for apprenticeships in her chosen field Social Media/Media/Marketing.

Daisy feels she would have become demotivated if she had not started the MOTEV8 project and would have struggled to find work as she had little work experience and qualifications.

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