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Childminder supported to record and report effectively

"I now feel with my Quality Advisor's help and support I won't dread my next Ofsted inspection."

06 December 2016

Before Prospects.

The longstanding childminder, registered in 1991 and working for 24 years, had not engaged in training opportunities, other than mandatory training.

What Prospects did

The childminder first came into contact with Prospects after having an inspection in August 2015 where she was graded as Requires Improvement. 

The Quality Advisor made contact by telephone and introduced herself and had a discussion about the recent Ofsted inspection.  The childminder said she was devastated to receive a Requires Improvement grading and was anxious to know how she could improve as she did not understand what she needed to do.  She also did not know what to say to Ofsted on the response form.  The Quality Advisor offered reassurance that she could support her and arranged a visit to meet. 

During the visit the Quality Advisor explained her role and how she could support the childminder to develop a personal improvement plan.  Part of this visit was to discuss the Ofsted actions and recommendations and support the childminder to understand what needed to be done.

The Quality Advisor’s friendly, supportive and understanding approach offered reassurance and put the childminder at ease.

The Quality Advisor identified that the childminder had a limited understanding of the observation, assessment and planning cycle so she provided an overview and examples, ensuring the childminder understood the reasons why observations are important and what we want to achieve from them.  The Quality Advisor set some tasks for the childminder to complete before the next visit.

The Quality Advisor also signposted the childminder to further training based on the actions and recommendations from Ofsted and provided dates and booking information. 

She raised the childminder’s confidence and reassured her that with support and training she would meet her actions from Ofsted. 

Following on from the visit a copy of the improvement plan was emailed to the childminder and another visit arranged to offer further step by step support. 

Outcomes and results

The childminder is now feeling much more confident in her own abilities and has someone to turn to should she have any questions or need any advice.  She has attended the recommended training and is due a visit soon where her progress will be monitored with further support and advice on offer as required.

The childminder now understands what is expected of her and is able to meet her Ofsted actions by completing smaller, bite sized recommendations without feeling over-whelmed.  As the childminder meets her recommendations her confidence will continue to grow.

The ultimate aim is for the childminder to achieve a grade of ‘Good’ at her next inspection.

The childminder comments: “I work alone, the thought of having someone come and point out all my shortcomings was something I dreaded, but now having met my Quality Advisor I feel I can ask her advice on how I should go about recording and the development checks and not to be made to feel I was a failure. I have a lovely relationship with the children I care for and their parents, but I felt out of my depth with the recording and really not comfortable about next steps, not to mention the SEF form! I now feel with my Quality Advisor's help and support I won't dread my next Ofsted inspection, it really was the paperwork side of things I didn't really know what I was doing -- the children are the easy and joyful bit, I know what I'm doing with them.”


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