Customer Stories

Janet is back at work after 19 years

Janet is back at work after 19 years

“Prospects is a good place to go for help and advice in getting back to work and in confidence building.”

08 May 2018|Number of views (3910)

Janet lives in Taunton and had not worked since 1999 before she started the Work Programme with Prospects.  Janet worked before she had children doing a range of jobs including working in a seaside kiosk, in a bakery, a furniture factory and a guest house.

Nicholas gains a new role

"The Work Programme has really helped me improve my confidence."

26 March 2018|Number of views (4316)

When Nicholas came to The Work Programme, he was feeling depressed having not worked for ten years due to ill health.

Alan's new job means he can save for a deposit

“Finding employment means I can now pay rent as I am without a home at the moment.”

13 March 2018|Number of views (5310)

Alan* was homeless and attending the Salvation Army when he first met an adviser with the National Careers Service at the Salvation Army’s centre. This outreach service provides face to face support for people who are unable to attend a more traditional office or Job Centre environment. 

Peter completes exams in prison

“I have confidence in knowing I have a much better chance of securing employment and provide for my family.”

31 January 2018|Number of views (6482)

Peter was convicted while he was retraining to be an electrician. Halfway through his training, Peter was concerned his qualifications would become invalid if he did not complete the course. 

Andrew gains new skills in custody

"I have been helped to make the best out of a difficult situation and to remain motivated as well as being given some additional skills for the future.” 

31 January 2018|Number of views (5845)

Andrew met with the National Careers Service In Custody when his circumstances changed.  He decided he had to re-evaluate his situation and look at ways to gain skills that he could use in the future as well as maintaining his work ethic.