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Bill's on track with the Work Programme

26 October 2015

Before Prospects

Bill lives at home. He has been identified as having Asperger’s and this means that Bill, as he was brought up, believed that his role was to stay at home and to care for the family’s pet dog. Bill lives in a very rural area outside of Bodmin and, due to poor transport infrastructure in Cornwall, he finds it difficult to travel to work.

What Prospects did

Bill joined the Work Programme delivered by Prospects and worked with his adviser, Steve. Very quickly Steve realised that Bill had a passion for trains. Together Steve and Bill looked for opportunities within the rail industry and found an apprenticeship vacancy in rail maintenance and engineering.

The apprenticeship required five weeks training at Railtrack’s Academy in Plymouth. Steve spoke to Bill and both of his parents about the opportunity. Bill’s mum was concerned as he had specifically sought a local job rather than an apprenticeship, and Bill's response was: “But mum, it’s trains!”

Bill was successful in his application, however, the cost of travelling from Bodmin to Plymouth daily for the initial 5 weeks training posed a significant barrier. To ensure Bill was not disadvantaged Steve approached Carole Bennett, Regional Development Awards Manager for The Prince’s Trust, where he submitted case paperwork for funding, and Bill was awarded the funding for the full 5 weeks of travel, enabling him to undertake the training.

Outcomes and results

Bill has now completed his training and is working four days a week for RailTrack and is completing his apprenticeship in his dream industry.

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