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Angela's employed by a company she chose using a speculative approach

"My adviser showed faith in me"

05 September 2016

Before Prospects

Angela has been with Prospects for nearly a year and found work this year cleaning for 12 hours a week. She is keen to work for 30 hours to qualify for Working Tax credits and be better off.  Aged 59, Angela believes that her age is having a detrimental effect and lacks confidence to sell her skills and personality into a role.  

What Prospects did

Prospects identified Angela’s existing skills, she had completed Level 2 in Professional Cookery. Angela was encouraged to make speculative approaches to various local care homes. Angela worked with her Prospects personal adviser to create a letter that highlighted her skills and availability for a work trail.

Angela contacted six companies and received three positive responses asking her to attend an interview. 

Angela was encouraged to identify places where she would be comfortable working rather than forced to apply for jobs. This ensured Angela took ownership of her options and felt in control. This was particularly important as Angela does not have her own transport and is reliant on buses and trains.

Outcomes and results

Using the speculative letter and revising her CV helped Angela gain three interviews. Following one work trial at a local care home she was invited for interview and was offered 30 hours per week employment. This was flexible so could fit around her existing 12 hour work commitment.

Angela has now signed off Job Seekers Allowance and is looking forward to her new role.

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