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Andrew gains the reassurance he needs to start working

"Lisa has supported me to overcome the concerns I have and now I am not afraid of going into work and want to stand on my own two feet."

05 September 2016

Before Prospects

Andrew was referred to Prospects Work Programme at the beginning of 2016 having been out of work since the end of 2014.  Before moving to Cornwall Andrew worked as an ambulance driver taking patients to and from hospital to home. 

When he moved to Cornwall he could not find enough work to pay his bills and was evicted.  He lived on the streets for three to four weeks before being accommodated by homeless charity, St Petrocs, where he is continuing to live.

Andrew has been looking for work as a renderer or plasterer and recently completed his CSCS, Construction Skills Certificate Scheme allowing him to work in construction, through Cornwall College and Keir Construction.

What Prospects did

Andrew was concerned when he initially started on Work Programme. He felt because he was living in supported accommodation he was under threat of becoming homeless if he obtained work. Rents in Cornwall are expensive and Andrew was worried about this.

Andrew’s personal adviser, Lisa, encouraged him to think differently and supported him to find the type of work he wanted.  She encouraged him to try alternative ways of looking for work and making contact with relevant companies. 

Andrew was wary of agency work, as the lack of security led to his eviction previously. Lisa encouraged him to contact all possible agencies and companies and maintain regular contact to gain work.

Overall the Work Programme helped Andrew find alternative ways to contact employers and source work.  He was also supported with IT and increasing his skills including working with a Tablet computer.

Outcomes and results

Andrew is now hoping to find full time work as a renderer or plasterer and move into his own home and not be living in supported accommodation.

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