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Andrew gains new skills in custody

"I have been helped to make the best out of a difficult situation and to remain motivated as well as being given some additional skills for the future.” 

31 January 2018

Before Prospects

Andrew * met with the National Careers Service In Custody when his circumstances changed.  He decided he had to re-evaluate his situation and look at ways to gain skills that he could use in the future as well as maintaining his work ethic. 

What Prospects did

Andrew met his adviser, who helped him to consider his transferable skills and how he could make the most of his experience and gain vocational qualifications while serving his sentence. Andrew, who previously worked as a car mechanic, gained qualifications in bicycle maintenance. His adviser also recognised his potential to support other prisoners and encouraged him to work within the Resettlement Department after Andrew gained his Peer Mentoring qualification. 

Outcomes and results

Working within the Resettlement Department has increased Andrew’s confidence and improved his people skills. It has also ensured Andrew remained motivated during his sentence and confident he would be able to resettle on his return to Plymouth. 


* name changed to protect privacy

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