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Alex makes a direct approach to secure a job

26 October 2015

Before Prospects

Alex, aged 35, lives in a rural location in Cornwall. Cornwall has very poor transport links and Alex found it difficult to travel distances for work, becoming isolated. This isolation was demotivating and Alex began to believe that he could not work as it was essential he cared for his dog at home. 

Alex had very limited work experience, having left school with few qualifications. Prior to joining the Work Programme delivered by Prospects, he worked for six months in a factory, for two months in caring, for three weeks as a cleaner and attended forestry training for one month.

Between 2006 and 2013 Alex claimed Incapacity Benefit.

What Prospects did

Alex was deemed fit to work and joined Prospects Work Programme. He worked with his adviser, Steve, in both group and individual sessions. These improved Alex’s overall confidence and self respect.

Steve and Alex’s strong relationship and the person centred approach improved Alex’s self esteem and enabled him to develop his own potential. Alex started to make decisions about the type of work he was interested in pursuing.  Aware of his transport barriers, limited work experience and lack of employment references, Alex worked with Steve in order to identify and negotiate a work experience placement with a local employer, Goldenbank Nursery, where Alex could build upon his confidence, motivation and employability skills.

Steve mentored Alex and encouraged him during spec sessions, dedicated time when Prospects Work Programme customers are coached to make speculative job applications by telephone and digitally, to make an approach to WBM Groundworks, a local and relatively young company undertaking construction projects in Cornwall. With little work experience and transport concerns Alex was keen to demonstrate his enthusiasm, where he utilised a specialist speculative applications telephone script, that adopts open and closed questioning techniques in order to greatly improve his chances of gaining an interview. This worked extremely well, and Alex was invited for interview.

However, Alex no longer had any appropriate interview clothes, so Steve submitted a business case in order for Prospects to fund these as part of Alex’s employability toolkit.

Outcomes and results

Alex secured a full time and permanent role with WBM Groundworks. The company have helped him overcome his transport barriers by arranging a car share. He has now been in full time work with them since June 2015.

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